Tyrone is an artist who loves the Lord and loves music. He also loves sharing God’s word through music, hoping that the words he say will reach out to someone that might be going through or struggling with some of life’s issues and tell them that there is a way and his name is Jesus Christ. Tyrone was reached by someone’s music and now he gives back to edify God’s Great Kingdom.  Tyrone was born and raised in Oklahoma City and now resides in Fresno, California. Tyrone plays the keyboard and the drums; he also raps and sings, all self-taught. Tyrone has been writing songs since high school and still continues to write. Tyrone’s first love for music started with rap and it grew into singing.  The Navy is where his singing started to take shape.  It was the long watch nights where he got most of his practice.   Tyrone’s voice took shape by mimicking the notes of singers he liked.  Tyrone attends Christ Temple Church located in Fresno, California.  This is where he has been able to grow and develop musically; by helping out with the choir and the adult and youth praise-teams.

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